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Accreditation Process for Institutions

The KNQF is regulated through mechanisms intended to ensure compliance with the arrangements and requirements laid down for the qualifications system and to ensure that the system delivers qualifications of an acceptable quality.

The following is a summary of the procedures shall be operated:


The institution shall get advice and documentation from the KNQA and undertakes a self-assessment against the criteria provided;

The institution shall submit this, in the appropriate format and together with supporting evidence, to the KNQA;


The KNQA shall appoint and brief an expert panel to validate the application for accreditation;

The panel shall consist of one or more experts from the Authority, together with one or more sector or subject experts appointed for this purpose by the KNQA Board.

The expert panel shall:

  • Evaluate the self-assessment report provided by the applicant institution;
  • Visit the applicant institution;
  • Complete a report and makes recommendations;
  • Submit the report to KNQA and copies it to the institution.


 The KNQA shall decide on the panel’s recommendations and inform the applicant institution;


The KNQA shall publish and gazette the accredited Institution, and issue the necessary documentation confirming the institution’s status as an accredited qualification awarding and/or assessment institution.

For more details about the Accreditation Process, click here to download the Accreditation Process for Institution

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