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Recognizing Prior Learning

Prior Learning

Prior Learning is learning which has taken place prior to admission to a planning programme or as a requirement towards registration. The learning can be academic or experience.

Section 11 (1) provide for an award of certificate of prior learning to a person who has not undergone formal learning.

The award will make one eligible for admission to a Kenya National Qualifications Framework level or granted experiential learning equivalent to a qualification in the Kenya National Qualifications Framework

Recognition process

The following documents will be required;

  1. A duly filled application Form KNQA/L/006
  2. Original and certified copy of National Identity Card (ID) or a valid Passport for Kenyan Citizens.
  3. Original and certified copy of a letter(s) of work experience.
  4. A detailed account of work experiences including duration, name of company/work place, department and skilled learned.
  5. National Identity Cards or Passports submitted by Kenyan Citizens must be certified by An Advocate and Commissioner for Oaths.
  6. Passports, Work Permits and Visas submitted by foreigners must be certified by an Advocate and Notary Public.

Submission of applications and collection of certificate of Recognition Prior Learning shall be done during the following KNQA official working hours:

  1. Morning: 8.00 am – 1.00 pm
  2. Afternoon: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Letters of Recognition and Equation will normally be collected after seven (7) days

Click here to download application form for Recognizing Prior Learning

Click here to download guidelines  for Recognizing Prior Learning

Procedure for registration of assessors of Prior Learning

Registration requirements

A person applying to be registered as assessors will be required to submit the following documents;

  1. Fully completed and signed Assessor registration application form KNQA/L/016 (appendix I);
  2. Detailed CV reflecting qualifications, work history with start and end dates, responsibilities/duties performed and references;
  3. Recently certified copy of ID;
  4. Recently certified copy of a relevant qualification certificate;
  5. Provide proof of relevant experience as described in 4.0 above
  6. Recently certified copy of certificate of registration with relevant professional body;
  7. Signed Code of conduct form; and
  8. Payment of non refundable fee of Ksh 5,000 to Kenya National Qualifications Authority KCB Moi Avenue KCB account No. 1208626825

 Assessor re-registration requirements

  1. Assessors are expected to apply for re-registration at least 3 (three) months before expiry of registration period;
  2. When unit standards and or qualifications are reviewed, replaced or cancelled, Assessors shall be required to re-apply for registration for the new unit standard/s, qualification/s and or new skills programme/s;
  3. Registered Assessors shall apply for the replacement of expired qualifications and unit standards provided they qualify for the new requirements.

    De-registration of assessors

De-registration of Assessors shall be as a result of one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Voluntary de-registration;
  2. Non-compliance with the Code of conduct;
  3. Conducted assessments for expired qualifications and unit standards;
  4. Conducted assessments for qualifications and unit standards for which they are not registered; and
  5. De-registered Assessors shall be considered for registration after a period of 2 (two) years.


Click here to download Application of registration of PL assessors

Click here to download Guidelines  for  registration of PL assessors


KNQA Bank Account

A/C Name: Kenya National Qualifications Authority

A/C No.: 1208626825

Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank


Paybill Number: 504080

Account Number: Applicant’s/ Organisation’s Name

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