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Director Of Administration Finance and Strategy

Rationale: –

The Directorate is anchored in Section 8 of the KNQF act no. 22 of 2014. It seeks to effectively harness the efforts of corporate services. The Directorate provides strategic leadership, expert advice and input to the Authority to ensure optimal utilization and management of the Authority’s resources. It also provides accountability in the functional areas of Finance and Accounts; Human Resource (HR); ICT; Administration and strategy to enable the Authority to effectively perform its mandate of advising government in matters of the Kenya National Qualifications Framework (KNQF).

Director Of Administration, Finance And Strategy (Afs)


The Directorate is responsible for the following key functions –

  1. Advising management on policies and strategies that relate to corporate services;
  2. Coordinating HR & Administration, ICT, strategy and Finance & Accounts activities in the Authority;
  3. Initiating formulation and development of policies in the HR & Administration, Finance & Accounts;
  4. Ensuring financial prudence and discipline for Financial Accounting, Planning, treasury management and budgetary controls in compliance with PFM Act 2012 and IPSAS;
  5. Coordinating the overall accountability for planning, directing and executing all human resources & administrative strategies, policies and activities;
  6. Coordinating performance appraisals; and audits;
  7. Advising management on all matters pertaining to Finance and, HR & Administration operations of KNQA.


The Directorate is headed by a Director. The Directorate will comprises the following Four (4) Departments-

  1. Planning, Resource Mobilization and strategy;
  2. Finance and Accounts;
  3. Human Resource and Administration; and
  4. Information Communication Technology.


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