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Curriculum Development

The KNQF has developed and is implementing Level descriptors for each level of education and Training in the country. The descriptors describe the level, the purpose of each qualification, knowledge, skills, competences and volume of learning that must go to each level of training. The Authority is now in the process of developing occupational and Training standards in consultation with industry players and other stakeholders, so that the country’s qualifications can become more aligned with employer’s and industry needs. To effectively do this the Authority is working with various existing curriculum development bodies to re-align the country’s qualifications with requirements of the framework. These include the Kenya Institute for Curriculum development (KICD), and the TVET Curriculum development and Certification Council (CDACC), and various other institutions such as universities and TVET institutions that have legal mandate to develop curricular in the country.

In assessing Curricular for suitability for inclusion into the KNQF, the KNQA assess the following issues (that they meet the requirements of the Kenya national qualifications framework, in terms of);

  1. That the curriculum is based on rigorous stakeholder consultations, showing the need and purpose of the training; including alignment to occupational standards developed by the KNQA for that sector;
  2. That the curriculum elaborates clearly the credits that each unit contributes to the learning; and that units are designed to deliver key competencies, skills and knowledge in a logical and efficient way;
  3. That entry requirements meet what the KNQA has set for that level; and includes qualifications at the lower level and recognition of prior learning;
  4. That the volume of learning is appropriate for each level of training (in terms of total credits, notional hours or period of study; and
  5. That the curriculum meets the requirements of level descriptors for each level of learning as elaborated by the KNQA.

Once these conditions are met, then the curriculum is recognized and registered into the KNQF at the appropriate level.

 To access the Application Form for Assessing Curricular click here Tool for assessing curricular firm