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KNQA Strategic Plan 2020-25Download
The HarmonizerDownload
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Guidelines for Assessment and Quality Assurance of Registered Qualifications in the KNQFDownload
RPL National StandardsDownload
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The Genesis of the KNQFDownload
Policy Setting for the KNQF March, 2019Download
A Mapping Study To Formulate The African Continental Qualifications Framework (ACQF) Kicks OffDownload
KNQF Quality AssuranceDownload
Need for Qualifications FrameworkDownload
Kenya_ACQF Country Report 25th 11 2020Download
ACQF EN_Synthesis Mapping_WEBDownload
ACQF EN_Mapping Report_WEB (1)Download
Recognition and Registration of Qualifications on the KNQFDownload
The KNQF Level DescriptorsDownload
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East Africa Qualifications FrameworkDownload
East African Qualifications and Skill gapsDownload
East African Comon Higher Education AreaDownload
East African comon market protocolDownload
Integration on the WheelsDownload
Harmonizing education in East AfricaDownload
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Report on Draft CATS- Short Term Experts Report on ATVET CATSDownload
Process Report – Short Term Experts Report on ATVET CATSDownload
Sensitization of Stakeholders & Launch of Credit Accumulation and Transfers System for Agricultural Qualifications, Held on November 8 – 11, 2021Download
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A Policy Framework for Science Technology and InnovationDownload
Education for Sustainable Development Policy for the Education SectorDownload
Draft country report Kenya for ACQF mappingDownload
National Skills Development Policy 2020- 28-6-2020Download
Quality PolicyDownload
Recognition of Prior Learning PolicyDownload
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Basic Education Act No_14 of 2013Download
Education Sector Report FY 2013-14Download
EducationAct Cap 211 of 2012Download
Industrial Training act 2011Download
KNQF Regulations 2018
KNQF ActDownload
sessional paper – sept. 2005 finalDownload
tvet act_no 29 of 2013_Download
Universities Act 42 of 2012Download
Session Paper No 1 of 2019Download