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The Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) was set up in 2015 as set out in the Kenya National Qualifications Framework (KNQF) act no. 22 of 2014 (and KNQF Regulations, 2018) to help coordinate and harmonize the various levels of education; and to create a database of all qualifications in the country. The KNQF which the authority has developed and is now implementing is part of Kenya’s international commitments to develop an accurate, reliable and robust database of all qualifications in the country that will allow for comparability, equation, recognition and information sharing of qualifications globally.

The Main Functions of the KNQA is to;

According to the KNQF act, 2014; The Main functions of the KNQA are;

  1. Co-Ordinate and Supervise the Development of Policies on National Qualifications;
  2. Develop A Framework for The Development of An Accreditation System on Qualifications;
  3. Develop A System for Assessment of National Qualifications;
  4. Develop and Review Inter-relationships and Linkages Across National Qualifications in Consultation with Stakeholders, Relevant Institutions and Agencies;
  5. Maintain A National Database of National Qualifications;
  6. Publish Manuals, Codes and Guidelines on National Qualifications;
  7. Advise and Support Any Person, Body or Institution Which Is Responsible for The Award of National Qualifications;
  8. Publish an Annual Report on The Status of National Qualifications;
  9. Set Standards and Benchmarks for Qualifications and Competencies Including Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes and Values;
  10. Define the Levels of Qualifications and Competencies;
  11. Provide for The Recognition of Attainment or Competencies Including Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes and Values;
  12. Facilitate Linkages, Credit Transfers and Exemptions and A Vertical and Horizontal Mobility at All Levels to Enable Entry, Re-Entry and Exit;
  13. Conduct Research on Equalization of Qualifications;
  14. Establish Standards for Harmonization and Recognition of National and Foreign Qualifications;
  15. Build Confidence in the National Qualifications System that Contributes to the National Economy;
  16. Provide Pathways That Support the Development and Maintenance of Flexible Access to Qualifications;
  17. Promote the Recognition of National Qualifications Internationally; And
  18. Perform Such Other Functions as May Be Provided Under This Act.

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