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Council Members

The current Council Comprises of the following members, please click on the images to view their profiles;

Dr. Kilemi Mwiria
Dr. Kilemi Mwiria Council Chair
Dr. Margaret Wawuda Mwakima
Dr. Margaret Wawuda Mwakima Council Member
Joseph Nyamora
Joseph Nyamora Council Member
Dr. Mary W. Gaturu, HSC
Dr. Mary W. Gaturu, HSC Council Member
Isaac Wamute Gathirwa
Isaac Wamute Gathirwa Council Member
Rosemary Njogu
Rosemary Njogu Council Member
Isaiah Odiwuor Ochelle
Isaiah Odiwuor Ochelle Council Member
Hirji Shah, EBS, OGW
Hirji Shah, EBS, OGW Council Member
Dr. Damaris Muhika
Dr. Damaris Muhika Council Member
Eng. Stephen Ogenga
Eng. Stephen Ogenga Council Member
Dr. Kipkirui Langat
Dr. Kipkirui Langat Council Member

The Director General

Dr. Juma Mukhwana
Dr. Juma Mukhwana Director General /CEO

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