Guidelines for Registration of Assessors by The Kenya National Qualifications Authority

Guidelines for Registration of Assessors by The Kenya National Qualifications Authority

This document is a synthesis of information gathered from a variety of sources through internal research processes and consultation with various stakeholders. This document serves as a guide for KNQA to formulate criteria for the registration of assessors. KNQA are required to register assessors for the standards and qualifications in the primary focus for which they have been accredited. The registration of assessors is a means of ensuring that whoever assesses learner competence across all fields and economic sectors and at all KNQF levels, meets a consistent set of criteria agreed by KNQA. This will ensure that RPL applications are assessed consistently. All assessment centers are required to use registered constituent assessors of the appropriate sector, and all education and training providers will also be expected to use registered constituent assessors .Assessment PR is an integral element of learning facilitation and as such all facilitators of learning at all sites of learning, engage in assessment.


The register of assessors will be maintained by KNQA will consist of those individuals who have demonstrated the applied competence to assess learners for summative assessment that culminates in decisions regarding the awarding of credits and/or qualifications. The rationale for such a register is to ensure the credibility of summative assessments in the KNQF system, i.e. fairness, validity, reliability and practicality of assessments. It is also to ensure that individuals who make decisions about the competence of applicants have the requisite knowledge, skills and experience for the specified KNQF registered standards and qualifications to make such a judgment. The guidelines herein are generic. They are intended for use by any agencies on assessment of PR, regardless of sector. ETQAs are required to use the guidelines to help them to establish sector specific and standard/qualification specific criteria. However, the ETQAs must comply with KNQA requirements which are generic for all assessors. In appropriate circumstances, the registration of assessors can be delegated to providers, including providers of assessment such as assessment agencies and centers. Such delegation would, nonetheless, be governed by these guidelines and the KNQA requirements. In addition, KNQA should be notified of any such proposed delegation of ETQA responsibility and it reserves the right to refuse or allow such delegation.


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  1. Kepha Mokaya November 19, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    This is commendable work. I am happy that the KNQA has set up programmes and is benchmarkin with other education systems. Keep up the good work.

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