Join Validation Workshop for RPL Draft Policy Framework

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The Ministry of Education began the journey towards the operationalization of Recognition of Prior Learning in the year 2019. H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of the Republic of Kenya gave impetus to this drive by issuing a Presidential Directive on RPL on 1st June 2021. The ministry then appointed a committee to spearhead the roll out of the RPL Policy framework; this committee has been working with stakeholders towards the realization of the RPL Policy framework. In its work, the committee has interacted with key informants to the RPL process collected, collated their views and developed a Draft RPL Policy Framework, which is to be subjected to stakeholders, to validate the draft RPL Policy Framework. The Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) seeks to bring into the national database numerous skills, knowledge and competencies that are currently contributing to national development but have not been very well understood, articulated, documented, recognized, assessed and certificated. This policy aims at developing and implementing a more flexible, efficient learner journey in recognition that not all learning takes place in formal classes and formal laboratories. As part of its mandate to supervise the development of policies on qualifications in Kenya, the Ministry of Education has therefore taken the lead in developing this policy for recognizing prior learning within Kenya.

The operationalization of RPL policy shall be a major milestone in the management of qualifications recognized and awarded in Kenya and opens doors for innovation and massification of education while maintaining quality. The policy opens new doors for more flexible pathways through any curriculum thus enabling greater participation in higher education by learners from a wide range of backgrounds.


Participants of the workshop will be drawn from the following:

  1. Line Ministries;
  2. Qualifications Awarding Institutions;
  3. Training providers and assessment centers;
  4. Private sector/industry;
  5. Development Partners;
  6. Jua Kali sector
  7. Kenya Federation of Employers;
  8. Regulatory bodies;
  9. Professional bodies;
  10. Curriculum development bodies. 


  1. A duly validated RPL Policy Framework by the stakeholders
  2. A workshop report.

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