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If you come with a degree from a foreign country is your degree equivalent to the degree in the country you are applying to further your studies? If you have qualified to advance your studies from one level to the next did you take the required amount of time to do your degree or diploma did you cover the content and meet minimum entry requirement? the Kenya National Qualifications Framework will aid as a determining factor in progression and advancement of locals and foreigners with equation, verification and Recognition of qualifications in an effort to enhance standardization of qualifications and harmonize qualifications to avoid disparity and restore harmonization.

Hon Council Chairman KNQA Dr. Kilemi Mwiria noted that to Audit other institutions, the KNQA is leading by example in auditing qualifications to prove staff are beyond reproach. We need to recognize, equate, verify qualification to enhance access to training and employment opportunities for our citizenry and improve economic well being and life long learning in skills and qualifications to ensure skill set and qualifications are quality assured

Auditor General CPA Nancy Gathungu CBS said that what KNQA is doing is of national and security interest “we don’t want people who are not qualified to be working as doctors, policemen and on areas of intelligence because if h/her papers were not genuine it indicates that they were acquired for a purpose to sabotage the system. To ensure development of the country and service delivery we need people who are genuinely qualified to hold positions to ensure the development of the country is realized.

AG noted that office of the Auditor General can embark on an MOU and work plan for the current recruitment to send information to the public that when you are applying for any position in the office of the Auditor general ensure that you present genuine papers from inception, and if you get the job and found to be in possession of fake papers action will still be taken against you

AG placed emphasis in the recruitment process expressing challenges faced in the event of lapsed interviews and a candidate has passed and that’s when you get confirmation that the person has fake papers because at that point the government has wasted a lot of resource she noted that after shortlisting vetting process should begin for all qualifications including professional qualifications to ensure integrity is not compromised

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  1. Daniel October 26, 2022 at 9:38 am

    What is the procedure of applying for masters once one is a CPAK

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