Launch of RPL in Kenya

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Kenya’s socio-economic growth largely depends upon the effectiveness and quality of the country’s Human Resources Development (HRD) system. The Vision 2030 and the Big 4 Agenda places great emphasis on the link between education and training and the labour market to develop Relevant and skilled workforce. These efforts notwithstanding, the country still faces a severe shortage of quality and relevantly skilled workforce. This is due to the miss-match between skills produced and labour market needs. However demographic trends indicate the existence of many unrecognized skilled persons who acquired competencies through informal and non- formal means but cannot be employed.

The Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) is established under the Kenya National Qualifications Framework Act No. 22 of 2014. The mandate of the Authority is to establish and maintain the Kenya National Qualifications Framework (KNQF). This inter alia involves; to establish standards for recognizing qualifications obtained within and outside Kenya; develop a system of competence, lifelong learning and attainment of national qualifications; align qualifications obtained in Kenya with global benchmarks to promote national and trans-national mobility of workers; strengthen the national quality assurance systems for national qualifications; and facilitate mobility and progression within education and training. The Authority has identified Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as a critical component in helping achieve its mandate and has developed a roadmap for implementing RPL in the country.


Launch of Pilot Recognition of Prior Learning in Kenya


The main objective of the Launch is to create awareness and sensitize key stakeholders within the RPL Value Chain of the planned RPL activities as RPL takes roots / shape in Kenya with an aim of implanting RPL in the hearts of our key stakeholders. KNQA will specifically;

  1. Share the RPL Roadmap highlighting the different expected milestones along this journey
  2. Introduce the National Advisory Council (NAC) and National Steering Committee (NSC) that will provide oversight and guidance to the RPL process
  3. Introduce the RPL Ambassador
  4. Award of the first certificates in Kenya under the RPL process


The following are the target guests / representative Agencies / Institutions

  1. Cabinet Secretary – MoE
  2. PS – Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, Post Training, VTT, State Department of Youth Affairs
  3. Industry players including the informal sector through their Federations / BMOs
  4. Employers through their main associations – FKE/KEPSA/KAM
  5. Regulators
  6. Qualifications Awarding Institutions
  7. Council of Governors
  8. Development partners
  9. Professional bodies
  10. Education Associations and
  11. Media
  12. RPL Beneficiaries


The breakfast meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 19, 2021 at 7:00am at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi. Guests will avail themselves at the venue Stakeholders wishing to display their merchandise will do so as per agreed terms of engagement by KNQA. There will be several media publications and TV show appearances as a build up to the Launch. Participating organizations will be notified of the schedule accordingly

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