The KNQA in collaboration with Young Africa Works presents the inception mission on Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) in Kenya

The KNQA in collaboration with Young Africa Works presents the inception mission on Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) in Kenya 2020-11-03T07:49:38+00:00


The MasterCard Foundation in collaboration with Governments, Private sectors, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Young people is in the process of implementing Young Africa Works (YAW-K-TVET) programme in 10 African countries, with Phase I involving; Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia and Nigeria set to start. The project aims to support Kenya’s economic priorities, specifically the ‘Big Four’ Agenda (Enhancing Manufacturing, Food Security and Nutrition, Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and Affordable Housing), and the Digital economy.

In this context, the MasterCard Foundation funded Young Africa Works in Kenya-TVET program and KNQA in collaboration with Colleges and Institutes Canada(CICan) and Lead implementing institution Humber College of Ontario, Canada, have partnered to oversee the development of Tools and Guidelines for the implementation of Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) in Kenya.


The purpose of the inception mission is to:

  1. 1. Officially launch Young Africa Works (YAW-K-TVET_02) programme;
  2. 2. Discuss Young Africa Works (YAW-K-TVET) programme in relation to RPL in Kenya;
  3. 3. Sensitize participants on the Young Africa Works (YAW-K-TVET) programme;
  4. 4. Define roles of key stakeholders in the programme;
  5. 5. Implement RPL procedures to provide certification for experiential learning and to facilitate admission and advanced standing in TVET institutions;



Administrators, Policy makers and implementers from the education and training sector in Kenya including:

  1. 1. Ministry of Education (MOE)
  2. 2. Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA)
  3. 3. Qualifications Awarding Institutions; Training providers and assessment centers;
  4. 4. MasterCard FoundationHumber Consortium;
  5. 5. CICan
  6. 6. Humber College, Red River College, NorQuest College
  7. 7. Young Africa Works – Kenya Chapter (YAW-K)
  8. 8. KEFEP
  9. 9. Kenya Federation of Employers (FKE)
  10. 10. County Governments through (COG);
  11. 11. Regulators; CUE, TVETA, NITA, ESQAC among others;
  12. 12. Assessment and Certification Bodies;
  13. 13. Professional Bodies;
  14. 14. Labor Unions; ILO, COTU;
  15. 15. Education Associations; KENAPCO;
  16. 16. Industry players;
  17. 17. Media;
  18. 18. KATTI institutions (over 200);
  19. 19. RPL Centres of Excellence;
  20. 20. Administration and policy makers.
  21.  21. Curriculum development bodies
  22. 22. Private sector/industry; Jua Kali sector



  1. 1. Stakeholders understand Young Africa Works (YAW-TVET- K) programmes in relation to RPL in Kenya
  2. 2. Market concept of the Young Africa Works (YAW-K-TVET_02) programme in Kenya to stakeholders for ownership;
  3. 3. Stir a discussion and receive input on Young Africa Works (YAW-TVET- K) RPL programme from different stakeholders;
  4. 4. Inform RPL Stakeholders the status of implementation of the Young Africa Works (YAW-K-TVET_02) programme in Kenya
  5. 5.Define RPL Road Map under Young Africa Works programme (YAW-K-TVET_02)
  6. 6. Inform stakeholders on Young Africa Works (YAW-K-TVET_02) programme outcome.

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