Workshop to Classify and Code Kenyan Qualifications

Workshop to Classify and Code Kenyan Qualifications

A two days workshop, has been organized by the KNQA and UNESCO office in Kenya from 19-20th March, 2019 to develop and implement a standard code for classifying educational programs and qualifications in Kenya. The system dubbed the Kenya National Qualifications Classification Standard (KNQCS) will be the first of its kind in the continent of Africa.  KNQCs once developed and implemented will improve the quality of data collected from educational institutions and regulators, which can be used for accreditation and quality assurance, as well as policy and decision-making. It is hoped that going forward, the country will adopt and use a standard National system of classifying the country’s programs and qualifications. This will facilitate easy data collection, management,  and comparison with similar data in the region and internationally. The Process will also facilitate monitoring of progress towards achieving SDGs in the country as the data collected will easily meet international requirements.


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